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Barbiere anyone?

Barbiere anyone?

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Sizing: S 12x18 / M 16x24 / L 24x36

Framed canvases come ready to hang. Loose canvas prints & photo paper prints come with a white boarder and you have to frame them yourself.

Limited stock available.

So there is obviously a common color theme going on with Milan as you can see by my three photos. Milan likes the color Yellow. A beautiful color it is, it makes night time shooting a wee bit easier in my opinion. It continues to make the streets pop under the moon light and shop lights. I felt so safe walking through Milan at night, the cuteness and beauty you see during the day continues through to the evening and night time. adding a wee dash of contrast and flare i think. This is one of my favorite photos from my trip and I'm so excited tot share it with you.

 (Loose canvas prints & picture prints have a white border and do NOT come framed)


The Framed option is a canvas print framed on a wooden frame. The loose print is a canvas print that is not framed. The picture paper print is a flat picture that is not framed also.


Small 12x18

Medium 16x24

Large 24x36

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