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The Two Towers

The Two Towers

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Sizing: S 12x18 / M 16x24 / L 24x36

Framed canvases come ready to hang. Loose canvas prints & photo paper prints come with a white boarder and you have to frame them yourself.

Limited stock available.

I myself thought this was London Bridge BUT it's actually the Tower Bridge. So there. Every days a school day. 

The warming sunlight mixed with the shadows gives an uplifting feeling I think. Most people think that London or England is mostly wet and definitely is but, it has its warmer moment and i'd like to think I captured one. 

(Loose canvas prints & picture prints have a white border and do NOT come framed)


The Framed option is a canvas print framed on a wooden frame. The loose print is a canvas print that is not framed. The picture paper print is a flat picture that is not framed also.


Small 12x18

Medium 16x24

Large 24x36

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Handle with care

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