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Stone Age

Stone Age

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Sizing: S 12x18 / M 16x24 / L 24x36

Framed canvases come ready to hang. Loose canvas prints & photo paper prints come with a white boarder and you have to frame them yourself.

Limited stock available.

This old stone cottage shed is on the back road behind my house back home in Ireland. I'd drive by it every day and because I'm used to it. When you stop for a second and really appreciate the sheer Irish beauty of our heritage, I think its quite something. I was lucky enough to catch this photo just as the sun was setting to give this moody vibe to the photo. I hope you like it.

(Loose canvas prints & picture prints have a white border and do NOT come framed)


The Framed option is a canvas print framed on a wooden frame. The loose print is a canvas print that is not framed. The picture paper print is a flat picture that is not framed also.


Small 12x18

Medium 16x24

Large 24x36

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