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Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

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Sizing: S 12x18 / M 16x24 / L 24x36

Framed canvases come ready to hang. Loose canvas prints & photo paper prints come with a white boarder and you have to frame them yourself.

Limited stock available.

Panorama Ridge over looking Garibaldi Lake. One of the most stunningly beautiful places there is to see on this earth. 

I get goosebumps every time I see this photo. The sheer beauty of the colors and the wonder of, this is a place where you question your eyes if they are deceiving you? Can this place be real? Is it on earth.

I can assure you it is and when you hang this up in your home you will struggle not to stare at it every time you see it. 

(Loose canvas prints & picture prints have a white border and do NOT come framed)


The Framed option is a canvas print framed on a wooden frame. The loose print is a canvas print that is not framed. The picture paper print is a flat picture that is not framed also.


Small 12x18

Medium 16x24

Large 24x36

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Handle with care

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